Get to know Ginza Aster and how our core philosophy has allowed us to continue to grow since our founding.

Company Philosophy

The "CCIVSS" original management system actualizes the company philosophy. In order to actualize the company philosophy, “convey the essence of Chinese food culture in its highest form," Ginza Aster implements a management system called CCIVSS. CCIVSS is an acronym for: Chinese Cooking Information Value Service System.

The purpose of this management system is to adopt the valuable qualities of Chinese food and food culture, which are steeped in tradition and history, and adapt and convey them in the modern day. By implementing CCIVSS, Ginza Aster offers high quality cooking, service and a mood that aligns with the times, providing the essence of Chinese food culture in its highest form.

Company Overview

Company Name: Ginza Aster Food Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Company President: Kaoru Ikeda
Founding: December 1926
Organization: December 1954
Capital Stock: 80 million yen
Proceeds: 11.7 billion yen (9/2016 Term)
Number of Employees: 1,940 People (Contracted Employees: 1,394 Included)
Number of Permanent Employees: 546 People (Male: 440, Female: 106)
Business Details: Chinese food restaurant operation and the manufacturing and sales of take-home Chinese food
Address: 2-11-8 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo 141-8423 Gakken Building 12F
HQ: Tokyo
Number of Businesses: 41 restaurants, 14 delicatessens, 2 Takumikobo locations
Associated Companies: Ginza Aster Co., Ltd. Sanxi Co., Ltd.