For nearly a century, Ginza Aster has offered the finest in Chinese cuisine to both residents and visitors of Japan. Learn more about how we got here through these significant dates in our history.

Ginza Aster Chronological Timeline

1926: Hikoshichi Yatani opens the high class Chinese restaurant Ginza Aster in Ginza-itchome.

1945: The restaurant is destroyed due to war damage.

1946: The main restaurant is reopened and business resumed.

1949: Ginza Aster Foods Co., Ltd.  is established.

1955: Branch store established in the Nihonbashi Takashimaya preferential food court.

1958: "Aster noodles” are created, eventually becoming a bestseller thereafter.

1960: The mascot Aster-chan is created.

1964: PR Director Kikuko Oota visits China prior to the restoration of diplomatic relations.

1966: The number of employees exceeds 1,000.

1967: The Hotel Hanshin restaurant is opened in Osaka. Hikoshichi Yatani passes away.

1969: A business center is established in Nishigotanda.

1971: President Yoshio Oota assumes office. The company name “Aster” is changed from being written in kanji to katakana.

1973: The CCIVSS company philosophy is begun. Shinjuku Guest House is opened as the leader of that image.

1977: "Meisaiseki" is begun.

1978: To offer authentic banquet services, Tsudanuma Guest House and Omiya Guest House are opened.

1981: Large urban guest houses (hinkan) of 10,656 ft2 are opened in Sangenjaya and Ochanomizu.

1988: President Yoshio Oota is awarded a Medal with Yellow Ribbon. The first suburban stand-alone restaurant is opened in Ichikawa

1990: A service contest is begun. Cooking library education is begun.

1992: The Ginza main restaurant is newly constructed and opened.

1993: Perfect five-day work weeks and a system of changed working hours is implemented.

1996: Became friends with the Koshu Shuka restaurant.

2002: President Kaori Yatani assumes office.

2008: The main restaurant is acknowledged as a "well-known international Chinese food restaurant" and President Yatani is acknowledged as a "well-known entrepreneur who trades in international Chinese food.”

2010: Headquarters are moved to the Gakken building 12th floor.

2016: 90-year anniversary of the founding of the company.